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12 February 2016 @ 01:26 pm
At the start of his class, Hank Moody is flirted with by his TA, Jill. After engaging in intercourse with Hank on more than one occasion, she can't seem to get enough of him.
"Hank, I don't think we can just be friends anymore," Jill says. "I'm not wearing any underwear."

Without even knowing how to respond, the wife of Hank's boss, Felicia, makes a surprise appearance in the classroom.

"What are you doing here?" Hank quickly asks.

With the attitude and flirtation of another woman who's also had sex with Hank to get revenge on her husband, Felicia whispers,
"Do you think I could join your class today, Professor Moody? I want to see what words of wisdom you have on living. On loving. On happiness."

At this point, Hank's mind is already torn. He thinks about the night before, during his attempts of gaining forgiveness from Karen through video chat for all of his bad decisions. Yesterday, he needed her to forgive his sins. Yesterday, he needed her to soothe him the way alcohol does. Yesterday, he needed her support even though she didn't need his.

Suddenly, Jackie enters into the classroom wearing a low-cut shirt and a tight skirt.
"Sorry for being late Professor," Jackie whispers. "I had a long night with a hot date."

While standing in the room of his college class, Hank is suddenly surrounded by three women infatuated by him, and waiting for more attention and sex. In this moment, Hank realizes that despite everything Karen was for him last night, a video chat call from miles away would never be enough. He thinks about how Karen was almost relieved to be away from the painful details of Hank's wild lifestyle while he remained in California wishing to be with her.

Looking at the three woman in front of him, all looking at him with wide-eyed, expectant faces, Hank realized that he has been shooting for the stars. Despite pleading to his so-called lover, he realizes that he is too content with his current lifestyle. Quickly, he turns around and leaves the room. Getting into his beat up Porsche, he pulls out a brown bag with a bottle of rum in the dashboard. With a cigarette in his mouth and a bottle in his hand, Hank pulls out of the school without turning back.

"Fuck this," Hank says to himself on his way to the strip club. "This is who I am."
02 February 2012 @ 01:01 pm

Title: Amor Firmus
Rating: R, for naughty words
Series: Californication
Pairing: Hank/Charlie
Spoilers: The Devil’s Threesome (season 1)
Unimportant notes: [1] This was meant to be a funny/smutty fic but somehow turned into a romantic/non smutty fic. I don’t know how. [2] Amor Firmus is Latin. Amour is “love” and Firmus is “strong/firm/dependable”.[3] Expect more of these, bitches. [4] Un-beta’d.

A link to the story can be found here.
02 January 2011 @ 12:00 am
Title: It's Lonely Out In Space
Author: M. Willoughby (imaginethetruth )
Fandom: Californication
Pairing: Hank/Mia
Rating/Warnings: PG. Some cussin', some discussion of statutory rape and other things of the non-legal nature.  Oh, also, this contains spoilers for season 3.
Summary: Mia comes to visit Hank in jail after the big blow out with Karen. Set post season 3, pre season 4.
Disclaimer: None of this belong to me. Hank and Mia aren't mine...unfortunately. All I can do is worship Tom Kapinos and David Duchovny and love what they've created. Title from the song Rocket Man.
Author's Notes: Because I LOVE Hank/Mia, and I sincerely hope that everybody else someday will too.  Oh, I also cannot WAIT for season 4.

READ AT MY LJ: imaginethetruth.livejournal.com/12788.html

09 November 2010 @ 06:08 pm
Title: Shit, Sex, Lies & Drugs
Author: Ziggy
Pairing: Hank/Lew
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, if that wasn't clear.

Permission received from the author to post a link to the fic.
10 October 2010 @ 01:10 am
Fourth in an ongoing series of vignettes detailing Hank and Karen's lives during her pregnancy. 

Find part one here, part two here, and part three here. (You don't have to have read those to understand this but I'd like it if you did.)

Title: A Kind of Poetry 
Author: [info]hankmoodyblues 
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Slight for the montage at the end of 2x10
Word count: 786
Pairing: Hank/Karen
Disclaimer: Season four is taking so long to air because of contract talks between Showtime and myself. I keep pushing to be allowed on board but they're not currently budging, so for now everything belongs to Tom Kapinos and the aforementioned company. And I have nothing to do with the January premiere date.
Summary: The fourth in a series of glimpses into Hank and Karen's lives during her pregnancy. Rodin's Thinker sits at a breakfast table in a New York apartment.

Click here to read.